Travel Art Cards

Greeting cards (blank inside) with envelopes & cellos, size 12 x 17 cm

AU$5.50, NZ$ 5.99

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WORLD TRAVEL ART > Air, Land, SeaCities


TAC 018
Australia in the Sun

TAC 020
Tallest Trees, P. Trompf, 1935

TAC 021
Australian Beaches

TAC 024
Australia, Boac and Qantas

TAC 038

TAC 063
Australia, Gerd Sellheim, 1957

TAC 043
Fly to Australia, Boac&Qantas

TAC 044
Australia for Sun and Surf

TAC 049
Aust. Nat. Travel Association

TAC 051
The Seaside Calls,
Percy Trompf, 1930s

TAC 056
Australia, c. 1956,
Aust. Nat. Travel Association

TAC 059
Australia Surf Club,
Gerd Sellheim, c. 1936

TAC 061
Sturt’s Desert Pea, Australia,
Eileen Mayo, 1956

TAC 062
Orient Line to Australia,
William Dobell, c. 1938

TAC 025
Still Building

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AUSTRALIA – New South Wales

TAC 041
Sydney Harbour, late 1920s,
Shipping & Travel Agencies

TAC 055
Australia’s 150s Anniversary,
Douglas Annand, 1938

TAC 058
Australia’s 150s Anniversary,
Douglas Annand, 1938

TAC 060
The Blue Mountains,
Booker, Sydney, c. 1949

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AUSTRALIA – Queensland

TAC 057
Great Barrier Coral Reef,
Percy Trompf, 1933

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AUSTRALIA – Tasmania

TAC 023
Tasmania – The Switzerland
of the South

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AUSTRALIA – Victoria

TAC 026
Murray Trip,
Rail and River Tours

TAC 052
Queenscliff & Point Lonsdale,
Percy Trompf, c. 1930

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AUSTRALIA – Western Australia & Central Australia

TAC 039
Western Australia,
The W. A. Tourist Bureau, Perth

TAC 054
Central Australia,
Percy Trompf, c. 1930

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TAC 029
NZ, For the Best Sport

TAC 030
Fly Teal, New Zealand

TAC 031
Welcome to New Zealand

TAC 064
Sail Matson, c. 1957

TAC 065
Fly Qantas and Teal to NZ

TAC 066
Visit NZ, Travel Poster, c. 1930

TAC 067
Woman Fishing, 1935

TAC 069
New Zealand, Qantas&Teal,
B.O.A.C., 1952

TAC 017
Mt. Cook, NZ

TAC 032
Marlborough Sounds, NZ

TAC 034
Mt. Egmont, NZ

TAC 068
Rotorua and New Zealand’s
Thermal Wonderland

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WORLD TRAVEL ART – Air, Land & Sea

TAC 046
Qantas, Rhys Williams, c.1947

TAC 015
Australia-NZ, Canadian Pacific

TAC 019
Travel – Air, Land, Sea

TAC 022
Pacific Air

TAC 035
Pan American World Airways

TAC 002
Royal Holland Lloyd

TAC 003
Holland-America Line

TAC 004
Cunard White Star

TAC 005
Royal Mail Line, South America

TAC 006
French Line C.G.T.

TAC 007
Holland-America Line

TAC 008
Alaska via Canadian Pacific

TAC 009

TAC 010

TAC 011

TAC 012
Palestine Line

TAC 013
Orient Cruises

TAC 001
United States Lines

TAC 027
View of a Harbour,
Caspar David Friedrich, 1816

TAC 070
Spirit of Progress, The Victorian Railways, c. 1938

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TAC 037
Olympic Games,
Berlin, Germany, 1936

TAC 040
Berlin via Harwich,
H. Muller & Co., London, 1927

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